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5 Reasons Why HVAC Maintenance Agreements Are More Important Than You Think

5 Reasons Why HVAC Maintenance Agreements Are More Important Than You Think

Payzerware enables you to create future jobs and recurring sales by offering maintenance plans on every job.

HVAC Maintenance Agreements have always been hard to sell, implement, and retain. This is certainly not a new problem.

The Maintenance Agreement that you, as an HVAC contractor can sell may seem like an afterthought, but actually, it can be one of the most important aspects of your HVAC business. If you currently are not offering HVAC Maintenance Agreements to your customers, we’ll give you 5 reasons why you should be using them to help improve your HVAC business and the relationship you have with your customers.

There are HUGE benefits to successfully offering HVAC Maintenance Agreements as a Contracting Business.

Below are 5 Reasons Why Your HVAC Maintenance Agreements Are More Important Than You Think:

  1. Build customer loyalty- your business is the first they’ll call when an issue comes up
  2. Help Create Planned leads
  3. Create Service Opportunities- maintenance agreements put your team in the customer’s home twice a year
  4. Automatically recommend services on every invoice
  5. Provide Enterprise Value, meaning your HVAC Business will be worth more

Payzer as a company saw the need to create a solution for the hard-to-sell Maintenance Plans: we used technology to eliminate steps and make Maintenance Plans easier to both manage and implement. Payzerware makes it simple to set up, offer, and manage maintenance plans online or on mobile. Simply include the plan as a line item on proposals to increase adoption and ensure it’s being offered every time. You can also set up recurring payment plans on the spot to accompany the service agreement to create recurring revenue.

Byron Cogburn, owner of “Cogburn’s Heating & Air Conditioning” and a satisfied user of Payzerware, claimed he is selling “10-15 more Maintenance Agreements per month” since using Payzerware for his HVAC Contracting Business.

Don’t just take Byron’s word for it, we’ve built a model to help contractors see the economic impact of implementing successful maintenance programs. Put some real numbers in the calculator below to find out how much of an impact Maintenance Agreements can have on your HVAC Business.

Click Here To Use Our Maintenance Agreements Calculator

How big can implementing and offering HVAC Maintenance Agreements be for your business?

Payzerware is HVAC Management Software and Support to help grow your business, built for specialty home services contractors, just like you. Payzerware helps you sell more business and grow your loyal customer base by making it easy to offer HVAC Maintenance Plans on every job! Whether you need to simplify your operations, improve collections, or sell more jobs, Payzerware can solve that for you. Our Field Service Management Software embeds various applications into one simple workflow that helps the back office and field stay connected.

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Author: Payzer | Business Practices