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Operating a Home Services Business During COVID-19

Operating a Home Services Business During COVID-19

We know the way you do business has changed in the last few weeks. We also know that your top priority is the safety of your team and your customers.

Our top priority is you. 

Here are a few tips that will help keep you, and your customers, safe as you continue operating a home services business. 

Build Trust With the Homeowner

It’s important to let your customers and community know first and foremost that you’re open and available to help with their home services needs. You can do this by sending an email to all past and present customers, posting on social media channels, or even editing TV/radio ads you are currently running.

Here are a few other ways you can make customers feel comfortable:

  • Edit automated emails/text messages to let the customer know
    ahead of time what steps you are taking to minimize contact
  • After ringing the doorbell / knocking, step back 6-8 feet
  • Avoid shaking hands upon arrival
  • Wipe off any mobile devices before and after each job 
  • Don’t reuse stylus pens, if possible
  • Wear a mask and gloves when applicable

Contactless Payments

Payzerware offers multiple ways for you to get paid. Here is our list of contactless ways:

  • Utilize the Payzer web button to allow customers to make payments online
  • Utilize mobile check imaging and avoid handling checks 
  • Text  or email a payments link directly to the customer 
  • Email invoices with payment and financing links integrated


Whether you are currently offering financing or not, now is a great time to consider it. Your customers need your services and now, more than ever, may not be able to pay in full. Offering financing allows you to complete the job, get paid, and offer the homeowner a low-cost monthly payment. Payzer offers:

  • Paperless mobile and online applications
  • Credit decisions in one minute
  • Integrated financing on sales proposals
  • Ability for homeowners to apply online via our web button
  • Financing links to email/text to customers

Contactless Service Call 

  • Email invoices and sales proposals to customers for e-signatures
  • Upload photos and notes to the customer page directly from your mobile app
  • Set up a maintenance plan if needed and schedule additional service 

Maintenance Agreements

While some contractors may not think continuing to complete tune-ups is a priority right now, the weather is still heating up! Many homeowners are and will be making the switch to AC and might appreciate a call. If you do make the decision to continue selling, and completing maintenance visits, we can help. 

On the fence? Check out our maintenance agreements calculator to see what benefit it could have on your bottom line. 

Working from Home

If any member of your team is working remotely, business operations can continue seamlessly with Payzerware.

  • Dispatch technicians virtually 
  • View all customer information, job notes, and more from mobile or desktop
  • View all payments activity in one screen
  • Simple reporting on technician performance and unpaid invoices


Stay Positive
We are all in this together. Stay positive and keep doing what you’re doing! We will get through this. 

To learn more about any of the tips mentioned or to explore how Payzer can help you while operating a home service business, contact us today. 

Author: Nicholas Shaw | Business Practices