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5 Ways to Make 2021 More Profitable

5 Ways to Make 2021 More Profitable

A new year means a fresh start and a clean slate for business goals.

Here are 5 ways Payzerware can help make you more profitable this year.

Get To More Jobs

It’s no secret that if you could schedule more jobs per day, that would increase the revenue your company brings in. But if technicians are already working a full day how can they possibly add in more jobs?

Well, it’s simple. First make sure they are optimizing their daily routes. Rather than have a tech drive to the branch, then in the opposite direction to the first job, keep them on an efficient path all day.

You can utilize dispatch zones to achieve optimal time management as well. That way when a new job is created you can easily assign it to the technician for that zone.

Allow a field service management system to send updates to the technician and notifications as a new job is added, saving time between the back office and field users.

Close More Jobs

One way to avoid losing jobs is by using a proposal comparison tool. This creates the ability to present multiple options to the homeowner, increasing the chances they commit to the repair or replacement…from you. They no longer need to shop around! And, with a system like Payzerware, you can turn the proposal into an invoice and email it to the homeowner in just 3 simple steps.

Want to take this one step further? Utilize integrated financing on these proposals to give the homeowner one more way to say yes to you!

Collect Payment On Site

Increase immediate revenue and avoid overdue invoices by collecting payment before leaving the job. Using a system like Payzerware allows you to take a check, credit card, enter bank account information or send a payment request to the homeowner while on site. Many of these are contactless, too!

Increase Revenue Per Job

Do you currently offer maintenance plans? Offering a maintenance plan on every job is a simple way to not only increase recurring revenue, but that will lead to future revenue from replacements down the line. Don’t just walk away from a job after installing new equipment!

Check out our maintenance agreements calculator to see just how much you can add to your bottom line.

Utilize Technology To Reduce Redundancies

A field service management system, like Payzerware, can add value to your business in more ways than one. Overall, using one system to run your business vs. multiple saves you time and money in the office.

When that system allows all parties to communicate in real-time via notifications, time is saved both in the field and in the office enabling more efficient employees.

Lastly, all actions taken in the system can be seen in the reporting tab. Gain full visibility into your business with a live payments activity screen, technician performance reports, job P&Ls, maintenance plan scheduling reports, and much more.

If you’d like to learn more about any of the ways Payzerware can help your business this year, simply let us know!

Author: Nicholas Shaw |