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Top 2024 Plumbing Trade Shows to Grow Your Business

Are you ready to take your plumbing business to the next level in 2024? One of the most effective ways to stay ahead in the plumbing industry is by attending trade shows. These events offer invaluable networking opportunities, access to the latest technology, and learning about emerging trends and best practices. To successfully grow your business at a plumbing trade show, it’s essential to approach the event with clear goals in mind. You can maximize your trade show experience and effectively grow your business within the plumbing industry.

Here are the top plumbing trade shows to attend this year to ensure you stay ahead of the curve in the competitive service world.

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Service World Expo 2024

Date: October 14th – 18th, 2024

Location: Orlando, FL

Overview: As one of the largest trade shows for plumbing businesses, Service World Expo is a must-attend event for plumbing professionals and environmental service experts worldwide. This expo offers a comprehensive platform for networking, education, and exploring the latest advancements in wastewater and environmental services.

Best for: Plumbing businesses, environmental service professionals


  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry experts and peers from around the globe.
  • Educational Sessions: Gain insights into industry trends, best practices, and innovations.
  • Trade Show Floor: Explore various products and services from leading manufacturers and service providers.
  • Past Guests and Speakers: Notable past guests and speakers have included motivation sessions by Tommy Melo of A1 Garage Doors, Actor Richard Karn, and Jon Dorenbos.

Pricing: Ticket prices vary based on package options. Starting at $799.00.

National Hardware Show

Date: March 26-28, 2024

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Overview: The National Hardware Show is the premier trade show in its category, drawing plumbing professionals, contractors, and retailers worldwide to Las Vegas, NV. This expansive event boasts an impressive array of exhibitors offering a firsthand look at the latest products and innovations shaping the plumbing and construction industries. Whether you’re seeking cutting-edge solutions or aiming to broaden your professional network, the National Hardware Show is an indispensable resource for industry professionals.

Best for: Plumbing professionals, contractors, retailers


  • Vast Exhibitor Showcase: Explore a diverse range of products and innovations from leading manufacturers such as Sunny International, Inc, Olympia Tools International, Master Appliance Corp, and more. 
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry peers, suppliers, and potential business partners from around the globe.
  • Educational Seminars: Gain insights into emerging trends, best practices, and industry developments by sitting in on sessions such as “Foundations of Merchandising Management Live!” New for 2024 is the NHS Executive Summit. The NHS Executive Summit is a new conference program taking place on Day 2 (March 27) from 8 AM – 12 PM. Gain insights on consumer behavior, trends, supply chain and the state of the industry during sessions led by Ernst & Young, Houzz, Presidents Council, and more.

Pricing: Ticket prices vary based on package options. Starting at $50 and going up to $200.

Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2024

Date: February 27-29, 2024

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Overview: The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) stands as the ultimate gathering for kitchen and bath professionals, attracting industry experts, designers, and plumbing contractors to Los Angeles, CA. This premier trade show offers a comprehensive platform for networking, showcasing the latest products, and unveiling cutting-edge technologies in the plumbing and bath industry. Seeking inspiration for design projects or aiming to discover innovative solutions for your plumbing business? KBIS delivers invaluable insights to help you stay ahead in the market.

Best for: Kitchen and bath professionals, plumbing contractors, designers

KBIS Highlights:

  • Unparalleled Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry peers, designers, suppliers, and manufacturers from across the globe.
  • Product Showcases: Get a firsthand look at the newest products, materials, and technologies shaping the kitchen and bath industry from closets, flooring, toilets, and more. 
  • Continuing Education: Check out the impressive list of informative seminars and workshops covering a range of topics, from design trends to business strategies. Be sure to look at which courses offer CEU credits while you’re there. 
  • Past Guests and Speakers: Previous editions have featured renowned designers, industry leaders, and experts who have shared their expertise and insights with attendees. Speakers include Jessica Petrino Ball, Editorial Director, AJ Madison, Daniel Tripp, AKBD, Director, Kitchen and Bath Business Group, Häfele America Co, and more. 

Pricing: Ticket prices vary based on package options. Pricing varies from free admission to $1,375.

Flow Expo 2024

Date: March 9, 2024

Location: Paloma, CA


Flow Expo stands as an essential event for plumbing, heating, and cooling contractors striving to remain at the forefront of their industry. Hosted in Paloma, CA, this expo emphasizes the latest advancements in plumbing technology and techniques, providing attendees with a wealth of educational seminars, hands-on demonstrations, and networking opportunities. 

Best for: Plumbing, heating, and cooling contractors


  • Educational Sessions: Attend informative sessions led by industry experts covering a wide range of topics, including “Contracts and Provisions to Help You Navigate Our Changing Laws and Circumstances”, “Picking the Right Tool for the Job”, “The Road to 7 Figures”, and more. 
  • Hands-On Demonstrations: Gain practical insights and experience through interactive demonstrations of the latest plumbing techniques and tools.
  • Past Guests and Speakers: Flow Expo has welcomed notable figures and experts from within the plumbing and HVAC industry, offering valuable insights and expertise to attendees.

Pricing: The show is free to attend. Pre-registration is strongly recommended to make it easier to receive your badge at the show. Pre-registration can be completed via the show’s website.

PHCCCONNECT 2024 Conference & Expo

Date: October 7-10, 2024

Location: Birmingham, AL

Overview: Organized by the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC), PHCCCONNECT Conference & Expo stands as a premier event for plumbing and HVAC professionals. Hosted in Birmingham, AL, this expo offers a comprehensive platform for industry education, networking, and access to leading vendors. Whether you’re seeking to expand your knowledge, forge new connections, or explore innovative products and services, PHCCCONNECT provides an invaluable resource for anyone looking to grow their plumbing business.

Best for: Plumbing and HVAC professionals


  • Educational Workshops: Choose from a variety of educational sessions covering key topics, including business management, technical skills, and industry trends. You can also sit in on the Product & Technology Showcase on Wednesday, October 9th. 
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow professionals, industry experts, and potential business partners by attending the welcome reception, mingling during happy hour on the trade show floor, and more. 
  • Expo Hall: Explore a vibrant expo hall featuring industry-leading vendors showcasing the latest products, technologies, and services. Past exhibitors include FTL FInance, Delta Faucet Company, GE Appliances, and more. 
  • Exciting Guests and Speakers: PHCCCONNECT has featured renowned speakers and industry experts who have shared their insights and expertise with attendees. Past Speakers include Ruth King – “25 Dumb Financial Mistakes Contractors Make”, Don Gillis – “A Closer Look at A2L Refrigerants”, and Michael Bohinc –  “Fraud in a Changing Workplace Environment”

Pricing: Ticket prices begin at $749 and vary based on package options. Eary bird pricing is available if completed before 7/9/2024. 

Attending these top plumbing trade shows in 2024 will give you the knowledge, resources, and connections needed to grow your business and thrive in the ever-evolving plumbing industry. Take advantage of these valuable opportunities to learn about the latest trends, connect with industry leaders, and take your business to new heights. 

Participating in a plumbing trade show can be an excellent opportunity to grow your business and network with potential clients and partners. Here are some tips to make the most out of your presence at a plumbing trade show.

Expert Tips for Attending Plumbing Trade Shows

Set Clear Goals

Before the trade show, establish specific goals you want to achieve, whether it’s generating leads, increasing brand awareness, or launching a new product/service. Who is the target audience at the show? Is your goal to walk the show and shop for new vendors/suppliers? Or is it to generate leads for your own business from homeowners? Be sure to get there as soon as the doors open to make sure you have ample time to walk the trade show floor and meet everyone. Also be prepared to pass out flyers, business cards, and have a lead scanner read. 

Attractive Booth Design

If you plan on exhibiting at a tradeshow this year, either national or local, design an eye-catching booth that reflects your brand identity and stands out from the competition. Use bold colors, signage, and interactive elements to attract visitors. Depending on the audience and who you are trying to attract, consider messaging for your booth. Keep it concise and clear so that your audience understands exactly what it is that you are offering/promoting. For smaller tradeshows, banners, simple backdrops, and interactive elements such as a TV screen or monitor are very common. For larger shows, if your budget allows, you can consider a more elaborate display, utilizing a booth design company. 

Engage Attendees

At your next trade show, captivating attendees as a plumber means more than just showcasing your services – it’s about engaging them with expertise and innovation. Train your team to proactively engage visitors, drawing them in with a well-rehearsed elevator pitch highlighting your unique selling points, whether it’s your rapid response times, eco-friendly solutions, or exceptional customer service. Take inspiration from companies like Roto-Rooter, who have utilized interactive demos like virtual reality simulations of plumbing systems to immerse attendees in their services. Offering hands-on experiences or live demonstrations can effectively showcase your skills and differentiate you from the competition, leaving a lasting impression on potential clients.

Provide Value

Offer something of value to attendees, such as informative presentations, product demonstrations, or giveaways. This can help draw people to your booth and initiate conversations. For plumbing companies seeking effective giveaways, useful items such as branded water bottles, tape measures, or mini toolkits can be both practical and memorable. Companies like 4imprint or Quality Logo Products offer various customizable options within a typical budget range of $1 to $10 per item, depending on quantity and complexity. It’s important to ensure that giveaways align with the target audience’s needs and reflect the company’s brand identity. When planning presentations or product demonstrations, topics such as innovative plumbing technologies, water conservation strategies, or DIY plumbing tips can engage attendees and showcase expertise. However, it’s crucial to avoid overly sales-oriented pitches and instead focus on providing genuine value and useful information to foster meaningful connections with attendees. 


Following up promptly after the event is crucial for maximizing the impact of networking efforts. A personalized follow-up email can demonstrate genuine interest and professionalism. For example, send a follow-up message expressing gratitude for the interaction at the event and highlighting key points discussed. They could offer additional resources or information related to the topics of interest raised during the conversation, showcasing their expertise and commitment to customer service. To stand out at the event itself, it’s essential to be approachable and engaging. Having knowledgeable staff members who actively listen to attendees’ concerns and provide helpful insights can leave a lasting impression.

Collect Leads

Utilizing platforms such as HubSpot, Salesforce, or MailChimp can streamline the process of collecting and managing leads from events. For instance, you could use a lead capture app integrated with your CRM system to efficiently gather contact information and pertinent details about attendees’ interests or requirements. This data can then be leveraged to personalize follow-up communications effectively. Beyond follow-ups, lead data can be utilized in various ways to nurture relationships and drive business growth. Companies can segment leads based on their interests or purchase intent, allowing for targeted marketing campaigns and tailored content delivery. Additionally, analyzing lead data can provide valuable insights into market trends, customer preferences, and product or service improvement areas, informing strategic decision-making and driving overall business success.

Utilize Social Media

Social media offers a versatile platform for maximizing engagement throughout the trade show process. Before the event, you can generate excitement and awareness by sharing teasers, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and promotional offers on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. During the trade show, live updates, photos, and videos can provide real-time coverage of activities at the booth, encouraging attendees to visit and interact with the brand. Integrating event hashtags into posts can enhance visibility and extend reach to a broader audience, including those who may not be physically present. After the event, social media can be used to thank attendees, share highlights, and continue conversations initiated during the trade show, fostering ongoing engagement and relationship-building. Unique campaigns by other companies include interactive contests, live Q&A sessions with industry experts, and exclusive social media-only promotions. Data shows that businesses leveraging social media at trade shows experience increased brand visibility, expanded reach, and enhanced audience engagement. Social media provides valuable metrics and analytics that can inform future marketing strategies and optimize return on investment from trade show participation.

Attend Workshops and Seminars

Attending workshops and seminars at trade shows is a fantastic opportunity to expand your industry knowledge and stay ahead of the curve. To make the most of these sessions, engage actively, ask questions, and take thorough notes to ensure you retain valuable insights. Simply attending isn’t enough to establish yourself as a thought leader; applying what you learn is crucial. Becoming a thought leader requires ongoing dedication to sharing expertise and contributing to industry discussions. Consider writing about your experiences and insights from these events to showcase your expertise. When deciding which sessions to prioritize, focus on topics that align with your business goals, interests, and areas where you can make a meaningful impact. By actively participating, implementing new strategies, and sharing your knowledge, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a respected thought leader in your field.

Gather Feedback

Gathering feedback from attendees is essential for refining your trade show strategy and enhancing the overall experience for future events. Effective methods for gathering feedback include utilizing onsite surveys, QR code scans linked to digital feedback forms, or simply engaging attendees in conversation to solicit their thoughts and opinions. Tools such as SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, or even dedicated event feedback apps can streamline the feedback collection process and provide valuable insights in a structured format. Once feedback is collected, it’s crucial to review it systematically, identifying common themes or areas for improvement. Prioritize actionable feedback and develop an implementation plan to address identified issues or suggestions. Regularly revisiting feedback and monitoring progress over time ensures continuous improvement and maximizes the impact of attendee input on future trade show appearances and marketing strategies.

By following these tips, you can maximize your presence at a plumbing trade show and effectively grow your business within the industry!

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