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Frequently Asked Questions


Payzerware offers a 14-day free trial that includes all features and functionality. There is no credit card required, and you can sign up for a demo with our team to ensure that you get set up for success. After the trial period, Payzer offers flexible plans starting at $439/mo for the first user, with additional users at $65 per month.
Payzerware is a comprehensive mobile and cloud-based software solution designed for contractors, enabling them to manage their business operations, including invoicing, scheduling, payments, and more, all from a single platform.
Payzerware is utilized by a wide range of service-based businesses, including but not limited to HVAC, plumbing, electrical, roofing, landscaping, pest control, safety & security, pool maintenance, and home remodelling.
To access Payzerware on a new device, simply download the Payzerware app, or log in via a web browser using your existing credentials to gain immediate access to your account and business data.
At Payzerware, we take security seriously. We use strong encryption techniques and follow industry standards to keep your data safe. Our team consistently updates security measures to safeguard user information and financial data. This way, all transactions and sensitive details within our platform are highly secure, giving you peace of mind while using our services.

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