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Our Investment in You

Your success is our success. We are committed to the following guarantees:

Your Data

Extracting, cleaning, and loading your data

Financial Safety

Underwriting you for payment and financing products


Structured onboarding and training

Ongoing Support

Providing unlimited support via chat, phone and email

Ongoing Updates

Providing consistent and free updates to Payzerware

A World Class Onboarding Process, brought to you by

We offer an onboarding experience designed to get your company up and running on Payzerware quickly.

Give Us Your Data

We’ll cleanse and load your data using our proprietary ETL tools.

Give Us Your Supporting Documents

We’ll make sure you can utilize payment processing, financing, and mobile check imaging.

Become an Expert

Unbox your customized Payzerware system with convenient tutorials.

Share the Benefits

Champion the benefits of Payzerware with your company.

Train Your Team

Get your team comfortable with Payzerware with virtual guides, video courses, and live training webinars by request.

Make the Switch!

Complete the steps of switching to Payzerware (take care of action items, sync with QuickBooks, and keep track of daily to-do's)

is always available

Once you make the switch to Payzerware, we offer unlimited support with customer care (phone, chat, email), in-app resources, and special topic webinars.


You may be concerned about starting a new software. Payzerware makes it easy. We’ve got your back! We will tell you what to learn and how to implement. We offer a user-friendly, flexible onboarding experience designed to get your company up and running on Payzerware quickly. 

We support both a self-guided and fully guided approach — and everything in between. Regardless of what works best for you, what you will learn is the same. We have a comprehensive experience which includes a dedicated coach who monitors your progress and checks in regularly, a checklist with everything you need to get started, video guides and courses, product walkthroughs, a knowledge base, and live chat and phone support every step of the way.

You will have a dedicated coach checking in with you and helping you get what you need to implement. We also offer unlimited support with Payzercare (phone, chat, email), in-app resources, and special topics webinars as needed. 

– That depends on you. We need you and your team to provide your data and supporting documents and be committed to using Payzerware. Customers with data loads from multiple systems may take slightly longer to start due to loading times.

– At your first meeting (kickoff) with your key implementers, we will confirm your data load timing, give you the materials to implement, and give you the earliest possible date you can make the switch within 1-2 weeks of signup. Your coach will help you meet your planned switch date.

Our team in action!

Payzer Takes Care of Your Data

Converting and loading your data is a big part of your transition to Payzerware. We have taken the complexity out of Data Loading to make this as seamless as possible.

Your data is expected to be ready in one month. If we are unable to load your data* within one month, we will not charge you a monthly license fee beyond the Expected Time until data loading is complete, for as long as you remain committed.

*Core Data consists of Customer, Invoice, Payment, Location, and Note data from your primary data source. You can “Go Live” as soon as Core Data is loaded! If you require additional data from additional data sources, we will review this data within five (5) business days of receipt and let you know how quickly we can get this data merged and loaded.