A man and a woman are sitting across the table from each other. The man is presenting an invoice to the woman on an ipad.
A man and a woman are sitting across the table from each other. The man is presenting an invoice to the woman on an ipad.

Free HVAC Invoice Template To Help You Improve Collections

If you are a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) business owner, you know that invoicing can be a time-consuming task. However, having professional invoice templates can help you streamline the process and improve your collections. It will also help you stand out from your competitors and enhance your customers’ perception of your business.

Download Payzer’s free printable HVAC invoice template to start improving your collections.

The Benefits of an HVAC Invoice Template

Save Time

Utilizing an HVAC invoice template allows you to not only streamline the process of creating invoices but also allows you to quickly turn proposals into invoices and collect on your services faster. With field management software you can turn your work orders into invoices, and invoices into payments with just a few clicks.

Instead of creating an HVAC invoice form from scratch for every job, you can simply use the template and customize it as needed. This also ensures consistency in your invoicing, which can help you avoid errors and disputes with clients.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

HVAC technicians can send customized invoices to clients in a timely manner by email or even text. This removes friction for customers and payment collection and ensures invoices are fulfilled by the payment due date. 

Maintain Professionalism

Another advantage of using an HVAC invoice template is that it can help you maintain professionalism and credibility. A well-designed and professional-looking invoice can leave a positive impression on your clients, which can translate into repeat business and referrals.

Improve Collections

Using HVAC Invoice templates via HVAC invoicing software allows you to offer the customer multiple ways to pay. Depending on the software, your invoice might include a link for the customer to complete an online payment via ACH or credit card. This process helps improve collections and in Payzerware specifically, 30% of generated invoices are paid on day one. 

Here’s what should be included in an HVAC invoice and how a well-designed template can help you improve your business.

Contact Information

The first component of an HVAC invoice should be your contact information. This includes your company name, address, phone number, and email address. Make sure that this information is easy to find and read on the invoice.

Your HVAC Business Details

Include your business logo and any other branding elements in your invoice template. This helps reinforce your brand image and makes your invoice look more professional. Your customers will be more likely to pay promptly if they perceive your business as professional and reliable.

HVAC Services Provided

The second component of an HVAC invoice is the section that outlines the services provided. This should include a list of all the HVAC services you provided, along with the unit price and quantity. Be sure to provide a clear and concise description of the services provided so that your customers can easily understand what they’re paying for.

Payment Methods

The third component of an HVAC invoice is the section that outlines the payment methods you accept. This can include credit cards, checks, and online payment methods like PayPal. It’s important to provide your customers with clear instructions on how to make a payment, including any deadlines or late fees associated with late payments.

Partner With Payzerware

Payzerware is the #1 field service management system for invoices and payments, helping thousands of contractors around the country improve collections. With a seamless proposal builder, invoice templates, and 9 ways to get paid, Payzerware is the HVAC invoicing software you need today. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About HVAC Invoicing Templates

What is an HVAC invoice template?

An HVAC  invoice template is a pre-designed document that serves as a standard format for creating invoices for HVAC services. This template includes all the necessary information that needs to be included in an invoice, such as the name and contact information of the customer and the service provider, details of the services provided, and the total cost of the services. The template can be customized to fit the specific needs of an HVAC business and can save time and effort when creating invoices.

How do you write an invoice for HVAC?

To write an invoice for HVAC services, follow these steps:

  1. Include your business name, logo, and contact information at the top of the invoice.
  2. Add the customer’s name and contact information.
  3. List the HVAC services provided, including a detailed description of the work performed and any parts or materials used.
  4. Itemize each service and include the cost of each service.
  5. Add up the total cost of all services and include any applicable taxes.
  6. Include the payment terms and due date for payment.
  7. Add a thank-you message and any other necessary details or terms and conditions.
  8. Proofread the invoice carefully before sending it to the customer.

Using an HVAC invoice template can make this process easier and more efficient, as it provides a standard format and structure for creating invoices.

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